Words that Make an Impact on Blog Traffic

Blog words

Using certain impactful or ‘power’ words in your blog posts is known to attract more traffic than generic, bland alternatives. This is particularly so in the case of the title, which needs to immediately grab the attention of the reader and make them want to find out more.

It is said that our average attention span is now eight seconds, and assuming that we read one word per second, it’s clear that our blog post titles need to be pretty darn compelling.

Try these power words in your titles and blog posts, and see if they make a difference to visitor numbers:

  • You
  • Because
  • Best
  • Free
  • Tips
  • How to
  • Why
  • Surprising
  • Top
  • Urgent
  • Alert
  • New
  • Secrets
  • Latest

What’s the Best Time of Day to Publish Your Blog Posts?


Research by Hubspot’s Dan Zarrella has shown that early to mid-morning is the best time of day to blog. This makes sense when you think about the number of people who read blogs like a morning newspaper – over breakfast or a mid-morning coffee.

Eighty percent of respondents said they read blogs in the morning, with numbers steadily declining throughout the rest of the day. So if you only publish once a day, make sure it’s in the morning to achieve the best results. You can even schedule posts for the early hours if you like.

Check your figures

To delve more into the detail, try posting at the same time of the morning for a few days, and then a different time for another few days, and so on. At the end of the month you’ll get a good idea of the best time to post by analysing your viewing figures.

Optimising Your Blog Posts for the Search Engines (and the reader)

Optimising seo

Search engine optimisation isn’t just about keywords and a great title. The sheer volume of content uploaded to the internet every day means that nothing less than perfect writing will do.

But what constitutes perfect?

  • The right tone of voice for your blog
  • Flawless spelling and grammar
  • High relevancy to your target market
  • Valuable, constructive information

Social media increases your reach and is a vital part of content marketing, so social network buttons need to be easily visible at the bottom of each post to encourage sharing. 

Thorough proofreading

Simply casting an eye over your writing might unearth a few errors, but thorough proofreading means scrutinising the content several times over, but for different reasons.

The first pass could search for clarity of meaning, the second for grammatical errors, the third for spelling mistakes, with one final check for overall flow and clarity.

Header tags

These provide a hierarchical structure within the blog post or article, and used correctly, make each page more SEO-friendly.

  • <h1>Content heading/title</h1>
  • <h2>Paragraph heading</h2>
  • <h3>Sub-heading within above paragraph</h3>
  • <h2>Next main paragraph heading</h2>
  • <h3>Sub-heading within this paragraph</h3>
  •  h4, h5 and h6 sub-headings as necessary throughout the piece, depending on paragraph length and layout
  • The title tag (h1) is the most important one on the page, and research suggests that placing a keyword at the beginning of the title has significant benefits for SEO.

How articles and blog posts can drive traffic to your website

SEO Blog WritingRegularly updating a business website or blog with fresh, relevant information can result in more targeted traffic, higher search engine rankings, and a much-needed boost to your online profile.

Content can be a simple blog post or short article on a dedicated area of your website, and if it’s added on a routine basis it won’t take long to make a difference to your website traffic.

One way to come up with ideas for regular new information is to think about the questions your target market might ask. Providing the answers to customers’ questions or addressing their problems will show that you are in tune with their needs, and you can build trust by sharing knowledge and information without trying to sell to them.


Being organised and planning in advance what you are going to write will help to keep you on track with topic ideas, reducing the overall amount of time needed to keep your blog or website updated. Give it a try and see the difference it makes to unique visitor numbers.