Writing Your Own Website Copy? Why it Pays to be Minimalist

Web copywritingMany small business owners write their own website copy and do a great job. But it can be so tempting to cram the pages full of words in an effort to get the message across effectively.

However many bells and whistles you have on your website, it is the words on the page that carry your visitors past the ‘wow factor’ and on to the process of buying.

Too many words then have to compete for attention with videos, buttons, pop-ups and adverts.

Concise is what they need to be.

Prioritise information

‘Less is more’ – by keeping to the main facts about your service or product using short sentences and including a few bullet points, the reader can scan your page and quickly glean the information they need.

  • Lead visitors through your site with simple and concise writing – in this way you stand a better chance of retaining their interest and converting them from visitor to customer
  • Leave plenty of ‘white space’ on the page and include a few attractive images so your reader isn’t overwhelmed by the sheer volume of text

Thinking like a minimalist will often produce uncomplicated web pages that can be quickly scanned/read and are easy on the eye.

Know your target market

This may sound obvious but getting inside the head of a potential customer is the best way to deliver a marketing message that gels with them.Website copy

To achieve the biggest impact, choose your tone of voice carefully so that they identify with what you have to offer, and continue to look for a solution to their problem on your website.

Clicking away to another site because they are bored or can’t find the information quickly enough is a sale lost, and this can simply be due to miscommunication.

Think benefits, not features

Although readers need some information about your products or services, they are far more interested in how you can solve their problems. Start by addressing a known problem and immediately grab their attention.

How to write web copy

It’s natural to want to convey every last detail about your business, but if you think about your own experiences on the internet, it’s probably the clean and attractively-presented pages that had the maximum impact.

Think like a customer, keep information concise, and you might be surprised by the results.

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