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5 Small Business Apps to Increase Your Productivity

How can you as an entrepreneur or small business owner, speed up your productivity regardless of whether you are office-based or on the move?

Here are 5 small business apps designed to do just that:

1. Zoho

Zoho offers a range of business, collaboration and productivity apps that seamlessly integrate the functions of your business. From the usual suite of office software that also includes bookkeeping and invoicing, to document storage, online meetings and  HR management, Zoho offers everything a small business or entrepreneur needs to run their enterprise remotely.


Invaluable for Twitter users who want to make the best use of their 140 characters, creates shortened URLs to redirect users to your link. Shortened URLs can be saved within your account and reused whenever necessary, and useful reporting tools help to monitor social media campaigns by letting you know how many people are actually clicking on your links.

 3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite amalgamates your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Save time by posting all of your updates from Hootsuite, and track responses and the effectiveness of your content. The App Directory includes other useful business apps, such as MailChimp and Constant Contact, that can be integrated into your Hootsuite dashboard.

4. Mail Chimp

If professionally-designed emails are in your marketing mix, MailChimp can help you design and deliver personalised messages. Segment your customer list so that everyone receives a targeted email, and track the results via Google Analytics integration. MailChimp Mobile allows you to keep an eye on campaigns on the go.

5. Evernote

Their tagline ‘Remember Everything’ says it all. Synch your computer, tablet or phone to have access to all your ideas, inspiration from the web, articles, audio clips and more, wherever you happen to be. There is a ‘business user’ option which costs only £8 per month for a single user, or opt for the free account and integrate all aspects of your life.

We all need a little help now and then to increase productivity, so take advantage of the technology available to simplify your life and business.

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