Breaking the Isolation for Freelancers Everywhere – Coffee and Jelly for Co-Working Heaven

If you are suffering from the effects of work isolation, think about going along to a local ‘Jelly’ meetup, and take the opportunity to meet and work alongside other freelancers and homeworkers in your area. Collaboration, co-working and excellent coffee could be closer than you think, as jellies become more popular with independent freelancers.

You can stay for as long as you like, and come and go as you please, the idea being to collaborate, chat, and work with others in a welcoming and relaxing environment. The meetups are provided free of charge, including wifi and parking, with only a small charge being made for food and drink.

The UK Jelly website provides details of jellies in your area, and offers advice to anyone thinking of organising their own meetup.

The solitude of working from a home office can be useful for concentrating, and getting the work done, but scheduling in a couple of days a month to meet up with like-minded freelancers, also offers the opportunity to socialise and network in an informal way.

The downsides of formal networking events are that they can be expensive and time-consuming, but a Jelly provides a chance to buy a coffee and a cake, and chat about anything you like. Informal networking events like these are popping up all over the country, as the demand grows for relaxed co-working meetups, so check out the Jelly website today and give you and your business some well-earned TLC.

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